Monitor and make energy usage visible,
so it’s easy to save!

Energy consuption

Work Process Optimization

  • Setting up benchmarks
    Real-Time statistics in Extrusion, Printing, Cutting etc.
  • Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)
    kWh per Piece
  • Non-productive time
    Identification of Machine Status
    (Idle, Stand by, Full load, No load)

Preventive Maintenance

  • Signature analysis
    Analyzing machine malfunctions Load patterns
  • Alert System
  • Routing maintenance planning

Smart Transportation

  • Smart vehicle tracking
    GPS based delivery Tracking
  • Logistic effeciencies and costs
    Analyzing transportation cost

Energy Efficiency Buildingss

  • In house energy audits
    Energy efficient lamps, Lux level controllers, power factor corrections
  • Renewable energy solutions
    Solar Enegry, Wind Energy
  • Office automation systems
    Conserving energy by remotely controlling office areas

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